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Health and Wellness

Looking for unrivaled surroundings, in which to breathe peace, with an excellent climate and amazing views, La Maison Michelle is a paradise to benefit of one’s health and well-being where body, mind and soul can reach equilibrium. A source of life where hospitality and excellence are secure values. Our Spa Villa has a large infinity swimming pool and several beautiful waterfalls, complimented by several relaxation areas (Tropical Spa Garden and Courtyard) including a featured Green Roof Top Level that brings you even closer to the sun, stars and peace of mind.

Indoor Spa & Gym

Featuring a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facility that offers a wide variety of traditional body massage and facial regimens, uniquely tailored relaxation experiences, cardio, personal training, and strength training with both free weights and machine-precisioned resistance. The Indoor Spa Chambre & Gym at La Maison Michelle ensures that guests will maintain their peak physical condition.

In addition, sauna and showers stand constantly at the ready to be indulged whenever guests desire. And one is feel free to utilize one of our on-site personal trainers whenever needed.

Spa Courtyard

Just outside the hustle and bustle of the gym facility is a quiet little area where guests can take a moment to deep-breathe and “cool-down” amid gurgling rivulets of water and delicate flowers….a lovely environment in which to re-group before enjoying our other activities.

Outdoor Spa & Fantasy Garden

This unique outdoor area recreates the serenity of a tropical rainforest, with lush vegetation and gently flowing water cascading over Japanese garden rocks to compel a sense of utter peace and tranquility in a little oasis just beyond the doors.

A cleverly concealed outdoor shower, a bubbling hot tub, massage platforms, and a waterfall combine to provide a richly complete experience in the best of the spa tradition. One can truly get away from it all, meditate, re-connect and commune with nature, luxuriate in an atmosphere which continually bathes oneself in a caressing mist of aromatic and exotic smells and fragrances — the penultimate La Maison Michelle Spa experience!