Savant and Blu-ray Systems

Both of these systems are at your disposal.

Savant Music System

Life has never been easier than with The Savant Music System at villa La Maison Michelle. This system allows our guests to have full and easy control of their music and entertainment throughout the inside and outside of the villa.

17 speakers are strategically placed starting at the entry level foyer, down through the great room, gym and spa, out to the upper and lower decks and continuing poolside. Party or just enjoy great sounds at La Maison Michelle with our music selections or bring your own. The system is compatible to all devices

Blu-ray System

A dedicated theater room with very comfortable stadium seating houses a Blu-ray TV system for the ultimate in movie, sports and better TV viewing. We provide a catalogue of Blue-ray movies for your viewing and have cable station that feature popular channels for your enjoyment.

In addition, the Blu-ray system is also featured in our Ocean, Platinum and Cosmo Suites.