The La Maison Michelle staff includes a Villa Manager, Chef, Security Guard, Maid, Laundress, Gardener, Pool Attendant and Driver. Whether your clothes need to be cleaned and folded, a special outfit needs ironing or an empty rum punch glass needs filling, our pampering La Maison Michelle staff is always at your service..




The LAMM Spa allows you to further unwind and relax with a private massage, seaweed wrap, scent-enhanced hot tub or outdoor shower. If you are in the mood to be one with the outdoors, you can enjoy a massage under the gazebo with our beautiful pool in view. Please contact us for more information about custom spa packages.

Our Fitness Center is climate-controlled, yet open to light and nature. Full of everything you need to keep yourself toned during your stay. Between sets, take a step outside to take in the scents of the garden. On-site personal trainer can be arranged.