La Maison Michelle

La Maison Michelle

The spa villa’s motto, “world class luxury” is not an empty slogan and the key is in the “world-class”, “luxury” being over-sold in the noughties.

For the fortunate guest of LAMM, "beautiful" doesn't quite cut it and "well-appointed" is simply expected, rather than a selling point.

This is a modern property in every sense of the word. The owners have, it would seem, worked from a blueprint of what every successful individual would wish for, anticipating even what you haven't yet thought of.

Massive entertainment space with every conceivable gadget? You’ve got it. Meals prepared to your specification by a private chef? Included in the rental package. Slick, contemporary, multi-level deck design and an infinity pool complements the villa’s private sandy enclave. It’s the perfect counter point of a tropical island’s relative remoteness and delightful indolence.

The main villa has five en-suites, plus a Guesthouse, and is exceptionally well-staffed,even by most 5 star hotel standards.

The suites: The Shell, The Caribbean, The Glass & Mirror, The Ocean and The Safari, are all vast, share the same spectacular views and facilities,but are designed and furnished differently, to reflect the theme inherent to the name.

The slick and contemporary Guesthouse portion of the villa houses two suites: The Platinum and The Cosmo, with a private kitchen and a shared sun deck. Click here to see all the suites

LAMM does not just have a gym room – given that nothing is done by half, it would come as no surprise that it houses a full spa, complete with state of the art fitness equipment, massage and health & wellness facilities along with personal and yoga/Pilates trainers.

To add to the relaxing ambience the villa also boasts tranquil waterfalls and a Tropical Spa Garden and lush Courtyard. The rainforest effect here is achieved through abundant greenery and flowing waters.

If you are staying long enough to tear yourself from the utter self-indulgence of the villa itself, La Maison Michelle’s concierge is happy to arrange a round of golf and/or tennis, for your pleasure.

Most guests find it hard to leave, such is the extent of the cocoon-like pampering. In fact, for an island that has everything and is intensely sociable, the owners seem to have managed the impossible: making it almost superfluous to leave the villa both for the purpose of seeking outside entertainment/dining on the island and for going back to reality.La Masion Michelle is the ultimate fantasy destination for those who can afford to never compromise.